The Atlas of Sustainable City Transport

Developed by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, the Atlas of Sustainable City Transport is an online data dashboard that displays indicators of sustainable and inclusive urban passenger transport for over 1,000 metro areas.

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Clean heat standards handbook

This handbook provides decision-makers with a step-by-step explanation of the development of a clean heat standard and directs their attention to important details, components, and examples from around the globe.

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Fugitive and Unburned Methane Emissions from Ships (FUMES) project

New research from the International Council on Clean Transportation, using groundbreaking methods, finds methane emissions from ships powered by liquified natural gas is much higher than believed, pointing to the need for much tougher regulations to safeguard the climate and protect coastal communities from dangerous air pollution.

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The case for compact cities electrified in India

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport is crucial to meet India’s climate action commitments and limit global warming to 1.5°C. A new report by ITDP and the University of California, Davis, “Compact Cities Electrified: India,” finds developing compact and dense cities that shift most trips to walking, cycling, and public transport while simultaneously pursuing rapid electrification of all vehicles is the solution.

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