The Crux Alliance June update

This month’s news features the Crux Alliance video release, groundbreaking industry electrification analysis, EV automaker rankings, first-of-its-kind sustainable city atlas, better buildings in Indonesia, and more!

The Crux Alliance May update

This month’s news features a new efficiency program in India, groundbreaking buildings research in Indonesia, technologies to clean up steel, the launch of a new bus system in Brazil, renewables growth in South Africa, and how to accelerate EV charging in the U.S.

Net-zero aviation: How it started and how its going

Two years after global aviation committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, ICCT expert Dan Rutherford assesses progress made and recommends policies that can shift airlines to a Paris-compliant future.

Supporting China’s path to high-efficiency cooling

CLASP joined the recent China Refrigeration Symposium and the China Cooling Expo to present its global research on the interlinked climate and sustainable development opportunities affordable, efficient cooling appliances can bring, as well as the policy mechanisms that can expedite a country’s transition to efficiency.

The Crux Alliance April update

This month’s bulletin features a new Bus Rapid Transit Standard, the first Buildings and Climate Global Forum, a landmark industry policy win in South Korea, circular economy strategies in Germany, and more climate policy progress in the highest-emitting geographies.

India makes a big bet on electric buses

The International Council on Clean Transportation and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy are working in India to advance smart electric bus systems that can deliver cleaner, more affordable, and more equitable transportation.

ITDP’s ‘Year of the Bus’

Compared to other transport investments (highways, airports, etc.), public transport receives far less support. Despite this, we know that public transport is vital to the functioning of all cities around the world, and buses and minibuses are the backbone of public transport.

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