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Proven time and again, the most effective tool for reducing the risk of catastrophic climate change is well-designed and well-implemented climate policy. Serving global leaders and partnering with local experts in the sectors that matter most, the Crux Alliance provides effective and ambitious policy design and advisory services around the world. With global experience alongside extensive local staffing and presence, the Crux Policy Centers combine world-class technical expertise and the forward-looking analysis necessary to create the policies we need to reduce carbon emissions at speed and scale.

Appliance Efficiency

Efficient appliances for people and the planet.

Appliances play a central role in how we live and work. Refrigeration protects the food we harvest and eat. Computers and smart phones keep us connected. Heating, cooling, and lighting improve productivity and safety. Making appliances and equipment more energy efficient is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to curb catastrophic climate change and a key step in decarbonizing the energy supply. It also provides better value for consumers, reduces inequitable energy cost burdens on lower-income households, and helps manage rising energy demand. CLASP works globally with governments, industry, and other stakeholders to advance data-driven solutions that address the climate crisis while keeping us connected, comfortable, and productive.

Building Efficiency

Building policies for a better world.

Buildings are a necessity for all people. Having access to safe and stable shelter only becomes more crucial as the effects of climate change are felt around the world. Emissions from the building sector represent nearly 40 percent of global energy and process related emissions. GBPN is leading the way in decarbonizing the building sector by supporting policy reform. Combining global insights with local action, GBPN works with governments to develop and implement energy-efficient building policies.

Electric Power

Global power sector leaders working to power the future of climate neutrality.

There is no question: our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity must end. We are in the age of renewables, and Agora Energiewende and the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) are supporting policymaking that enables a swift transition to a clean energy grid that is also reliable, affordable, and equitable. Agora Energiewende is a nonprofit think tank and policy laboratory that develops scientifically based, politically feasible approaches for climate neutrality. Agora’s power sector program currently focuses on Poland, Turkey, South Africa, and China, together with country partner think tanks and support from RAP. Building on peer-to-peer relationships, RAP helps decision-makers and stakeholders navigate the complexities of climate and power sector policy, regulation, and markets. 


International experts at decarbonizing industry.

Industry is responsible for around 40 percent of global GHG emissions. Creating real change requires fundamentally altering production processes in the sector. Agora Industry, which is part of the Agora Think Tanks, develops scientifically sound and politically feasible strategies for successful pathways to a climate-neutral industry. Agora Industry works on the industrial transformation in Europe, Brazil, Argentina and China as well as within multilateral institutions. With offices in Europe and Asia, Agora Think Tanks bring together decision-makers, stakeholders, scientists, and the media by combining research, dialogue, and outreach.

Urban Mobility

Transforming our streets and cities for the health of people and the planet.

Zero- and low-carbon sustainable transport systems are integral to creating cities that are equitable, efficient and, most importantly, livable. ITDP, with its seven global offices, is a leader in mobility transformation at local, national, and international levels. Through high-quality public transport, safe spaces for walking and cycling, compact urban development, traffic management measures, and progressive, people-centric policies, ITDP works to provide more equitable access to opportunity, community, and prosperity for everyone.

Vehicles and Fuel

Radically transforming transportation and our relationship to fuel around the world.

Global demand for transportation is surging, and with it, inexorably, carbon emissions—not to mention other forms of air pollution. Transforming the technologies and systems that move people and goods around the world is an urgent imperative. In little more than a generation, we must radically change a sector that almost exclusively depends on a single energy source—petroleum—operating on infrastructure that represents trillions of dollars of investment over decades. That transformation is ICCT’s mission.

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