The world must get
the climate response right.

Right now.

The pivotal moment is here. If we get it right, we can profoundly reduce climate risk while helping humanity thrive. 

With the right policies
we will get it right.

The Crux Alliance is a group of globally recognized, technically expert organizations that are laser-focused on advancing policies—unbiased, pragmatic, and localized—to generate powerful action in the countries and sectors that matter most for carbon reduction. The members of the Crux Alliance, known as Crux Policy Centers (CPCs), support policymakers around the world working to retire polluting power plants and to replace polluting vehicles, factories, and buildings with low-carbon alternatives—and to grow these alternatives at speed and scale. The Crux Alliance is all about getting climate policy right, right now.

appliance efficiency

building efficiency

electric power


urban mobility

vehicles and fuel

Together the Crux Alliance is
already making an impact.

Over the past decade, the CPCs provided effective and ambitious policy design and advisory support that helped reduce more than 5 billion tons of annual CO2e by the end of 2020. The CPCs are striving to do it again in this decade—and more. With bold policies, this work targets the critical policy windows that can drive down carbon emissions by another 2 gigatons by 2030. While reductions already achieved are promising, there is more to be done and there is no time to waste.

The Crux Alliance's cumulative CO2 reduction potential in gigatons, 2020 to 2050







coming soon



urban mobility


vehicles and fuel

Carbon reduction is the mission.
Policy design is the mechanism.

To immediately bend the global carbon curve, the Crux Alliance concentrates its efforts on the countries and energy sectors that will have the greatest impact right now. The CPCs work with decision-makers to capture policy opportunities that support the biggest and most immediate carbon reductions, with a larger goal—transforming to a zero-carbon future and a healthier, more sustainable world.

Across the Crux Alliance

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