Elevating the priority of decarbonization in energy regulators’ decision making

The Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator (RETA,, launched at COP26, is an initiative to build capacity for energy regulators as they work to advance toward a clean energy transition. Serving as a resource hub for regulators, RETA’s flagship project, Elevating the Priority of Decarbonization in Energy Regulators’ Decision Making, focuses on capturing and sharing insights from regulators’ experiences in elevating the priority of decarbonization in their decision making.

The two main products of the project are this report and accompanying webpage. The report covers the rationale for the acceleration of the clean energy transition, highlights of the interviews with 25 regulators and five experts and offers an in-depth look at nine examples of creative prioritization of decarbonization in regulatory decision making. The report’s nine examples are complemented by two dozen more on the report’s webpage, to provide a more global perspective of regulatory decarbonization implementation experiences. The report concludes with findings and recommendations for policymakers, regulators and RETA to support the elevation of decarbonization in regulatory decision making.

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