Category: Bulletins

The Crux Alliance May update

This month’s news features a new efficiency program in India, groundbreaking buildings research in Indonesia, technologies to clean up steel, the launch of a new bus system in Brazil, renewables growth in South Africa, and how to accelerate EV charging in the U.S.

The Crux Alliance April update

This month’s bulletin features a new Bus Rapid Transit Standard, the first Buildings and Climate Global Forum, a landmark industry policy win in South Korea, circular economy strategies in Germany, and more climate policy progress in the highest-emitting geographies.

The Crux Alliance February update

This month’s news includes policies to achieve EU climate goals, compact cities to meet 1.5, EV policy upgrades in China, green building city leadership in Indonesia, a just transition victory in Poland, and efficiency in the global spotlight.

The Crux Alliance November update

This months news includes our COP28 event, a first appliance efficiency stocktake, a groundbreaking ship pollution study, and more.

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