The ICCT: Vehicles and Fuel

In April 2018, ICCT undertook a €1,745,000 three-year project (2018-2021), to re-align urban bus and other municipal fleets along a soot-free, low-carbon technology pathway in five megacities (São Paulo, Mexico City, Jakarta, Hainan, and Bangalore). ICCT provides technical capacity to city officials to design and implement this transition. Early and rapid technology transitions among targeted fleets will deliver greater air quality and public health benefits, while avoiding near-term climate impacts of black carbon and other climate pollutants. Partners include local transport authorities, environmental protection bureaus, and other government agencies in these cities.

The IKI NDC Transport Initiative for Asia is a joint project of seven organizations operating in China, India, and Vietnam. The project offers a comprehensive approach for decarbonizing transport via a coherent strategy of effective policies that are coordinated among sector ministries, civil society, and the private sector. ICCT’s budget is €2.17M and the grant term runs through early 2024.

ICCT’s role is to 1) support the national and a selected provincial government in China in developing decarbonization strategies and implementing mitigation actions in the transport sector; 2) initiate and support a multi-stakeholder platform on decarbonizing transport and develop tools and policy recommendations for the uptake of electric vehicles in India; 3) support the development of national regulations on energy efficiency for transport activities in Vietnam; and 4) develop knowledge products on decarbonizing transport, support peer learning in the region, and disseminate project results at regional/global events and through publications and social media.

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