SHURA Energy Transition Center honored for their clean energy leadership in Turkey

Data-based policy research and stakeholder engagement plays a crucial role in the energy transition by helping to overcome the system inertia and resistance to change still prevalent in the energy sector and policymaking circles. SHURA Energy Transition Center is the leading clean energy think tank in Turkey working to advance the country’s transition to a low-carbon energy system.

SHURA provides decision-makers with fact-based analysis and best-available data and facilitates dialogue among policymakers, civil society, and industry. Since its creation, SHURA has actively shaped public dialogue on power sector decarbonization, with a significant impact on Turkish climate and energy policy. 

Among other achievements, SHURA: 

  • helped introduce  the concept of “wind, solar, and flexibility” through in-depth technical work on grids coupled with extensive stakeholder outreach, thus opening the door for targeting very high shares of renewables (and making a renewables-based system thinkable)  
  • contributed to influencing the conventional perspective of fossil fuel alternatives by developing scenarios for a safe and affordable energy system based on renewable sources
  • developed the first net-zero road map for the Turkish power sector  
  • demonstrated the socioeconomic impacts of the electricity system transition and developed policy models for financing the transition  

SHURA’s policy recommendations have been incorporated into Turkey’s policy documents such as the 12th National Five-Year Development Plan (2024-2028), the National Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap (2020-2053), the National Energy Plan (2020-2035), and the draft 2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (2024-2030). 

Recognizing the major role SHURA has played in advancing Turkey’s energy transition, in October 2023 SHURA was awarded the Mehmet Şuhubi Pioneer Civil Initiative Award by the Technology Development Foundation of Türkiye (TTGV) for its research and studies on energy economics and energy policies.

SHURA Director Alkım Bağ accepts the award on behalf of SHURA Energy Transition Center

The award is given to civil society initiatives that carry out pioneering work in TTGV’s focus areas. This award is an incredible validator of the respect and credibility SHURA has earned in Turkey, which it will continue to leverage to support smart, ambitious policymaking.

“We are deeply honored to receive the Mehmet Şuhubi Pioneer Civil Initiative Award from TTGV, a key player in pioneering the development of a national climate technology sector in Turkey,” said SHURA Director Alkım Bağ. “This recognition reaffirms SHURA’s steadfast commitment to advancing Turkey’s energy transition through rigorous research and innovative policy solutions. In a world where the issue of climate change is fueling a fundamental paradigm shift, we are excited about the opportunities this award brings to further collaborate with stakeholders and drive impactful change. With this validation, we are inspired to continue our journey towards a sustainable, resilient and secure energy future for Turkey.”

SHURA is a member of the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks, with 17 member think tanks around the world—all sharing best practices and learnings to accelerate the shift to clean power.



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