Join the Crux Alliance at Climate Week 2023

The Crux Alliance is a group of globally recognized, technically expert organizations that are laser-focused on advancing policies—unbiased, pragmatic, and localized—to generate powerful action in the countries and sectors that matter most for carbon reduction. The members of the Crux Alliance, known as Crux Policy Centers (CPCs), support policymakers around the world working to retire polluting power plants and to replace polluting vehicles, factories, and buildings with low-carbon alternatives—and to grow these alternatives at speed and scale. The Crux Alliance is all about getting climate policy right, right now.

Three Climate Week events will feature Crux Alliance members. Please join us to learn how Crux Policy Centers are advancing smart climate policies around the globe.

September 18

The International Council on Clean Transportation

Accelerating to a Zero-Emission Transportation Sector

Signatories to the Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Declaration signed on to the global pledge to ensure that all new car and van sales be zero emission by 2040 globally, and by 2035 in leading markets. This level of ambition is critical to avoiding the worst impacts from climate change and will help tackle air pollution, reduce oil dependency, and deliver new jobs.

This session will showcase current progress of ZEV Declaration signatories in reaching this ambitious target and further discuss the importance of a zero-emission transportation sector. Featured senior leaders from across the eight distinct signatory categories will share key insights from their ZEV transitions, including lessons learned and their vision for the future.

During this session, we will:

  • Announce new signatories to the ZEV Declaration
  • Feature an industry-leading announcement from a major automotive manufacturer
  • Learn about key ZEV transition insights via an interactive panel discussion


  • Kristen Siemen, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Motors
  • Catherine Stewart, Ambassador for Climate Change, Canada
  • Ricardo Javier Torres Hernández, Undersecretary of the Environment, State of Querétaro, Mexico
  • Shin-pei Tsay, Director of Global Policy for Cities and Sustainability, Uber
  • Rachel Muncrief, Acting Executive Director, International Council on Clean Transportation (moderator)

September 21

Agora Industry with E+ Energy Transition Institute

The Decarbonization of the Steel Industry in Brazil: A Win-Win Perspective in a Global South and North Cooperation

The global iron and steel industry is a major emitter of GHGs – with action towards net zero targets a priority – and Brazil is a major global producer of steel and iron ore. The country has several competitive advantages that allow the transformation of this sector to be an opportunity for economic recovery and socio-economic development. First, the country has significant iron ore reserves, which position it as the world’s second largest exporter. In addition, Brazil has the vocation to produce low-carbon or neutral steel at significantly lower costs than other regions due to its abundance of renewable sources, water resources and biomass.

In this context, an international South-North cooperation can accelerate the decarbonization of the steel sector, with low-cost green steel production, and support the reduction of global emissions from the sector, with the construction of a decarbonization strategy for this sector and the construction of a market for green steel and intermediate products, such as HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron).

The country is developing its green reindustrialization narrative, being one of the priorities of the federal government and important state governments, as well as some private sector stakeholders. However, the country does not yet have a defined integrated strategy to achieve carbon neutrality in this industrial segment. And for the pathway to success and greater climate ambition, international cooperation is key.

The event will feature a panel debate with important stakeholders from different Brazilian levels and experts from global north countries to present the perspective of a win-win relationship with the construction of a green steel and HBI export market.


  • Rosana Santos – Executive Director at E+ Energy Transition Institute
  • Frank Peter – Director Industry Programme at Agora Energiewende
  • Verena Hitner Barros – Secretary-Executive of the National Council for Industrial Development (CNDI) at the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade, and Services (MDIC)

September 21

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Walking and Cycling: Effective Actions Essential to Reaching the Climate Goals

The purpose of the walking and cycling session at the inaugural PATH Symposium is to hear from participants on the key challenges, opportunities, and examples of good practices in integrating walking and cycling modes into climate discussions. Less attention has been paid to the importance of these mobility modes and much discussion has focused on the electrification of vehicles alone.

This session will include good practice examples, important evidence, and political breakthroughs that may be useful to other practitioners or decision-makers from all parts of the globe.

  • Moderator: Sheila Watson, FIA Foundation
  • Asif Nawaz Shah, Specialist, International Partnerships, COP28 – UAE
  • Carly Gilbert-Patrick, Team Leader for Active Mobility, Digitalisation & Mode Integration, United Nations Environment Program
  • Heather Thompson, CEO, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
  • Maria Vassilakou, Chair, Walk21 Europe
  • Jaime Ortiz Marino, 50 years of Cicolvia and Camino Via initiative



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