Introducing RAP’s new look and improved website

By Rich Sedano, President and CEO, Regulatory Assistance Project

At the Regulatory Assistance Project, we have always been guided by a vision where clean, sustainable energy is a reality in our world. In many ways, this is a vision of a changing world. As RAP helps governments improve and do their part, we also must look within and refresh. We’ve completed a rebranding and a new website that refocuses our work and encapsulates our aspirations for a clean energy future. 

Along with our new look and feel, we have a new motto — “Energizing Change” — that drives home what we do. We’ve even created a wonderful short video that captures what Energizing Change means for RAP. 

The machinery of utility policy and regulation may seem far removed from citizens’ daily lives, but RAP has always stood firm in its mission to bridge this gap. We’ve been interested in the ways in which regulatory work impacts people — how it influences the way we get and pay for electricity, the comfort of our homes, and the operation of our businesses. RAP firmly believes that there are increasingly better, environmentally sound and more respectful ways to make this happen — policy improvements can directly enhance the quality of our lives. 

As the regulatory landscape changes, we want our work to remain at the forefront as well as accessible. In that regard, we have identified and organized our work around five key policy initiatives (you’ll find them featured highly throughout our site):

These initiatives are interconnected, working together to create meaningful change. These initiatives will make us more efficient in ways that can help focus our work, and maybe yours, and we think it aligns with the way governments act. As we know, different agencies may focus on one aspect of the overall picture, and this is where RAP shines. If a policymaker or government official is working in an executive branch, a governor’s office, or a minister’s office and only working on one of these initiatives, we can help provide focus on all of these initiatives together and help people find comprehensive solutions.

All of these initiatives affect people around the world. In fact, our core philosophy has always been centered around people, as there is a real-world impact on individuals, families, and communities in the work we do. We recognize that many people in government are not necessarily experts in every field, but they are tasked with implementing important changes. This is why we are committed to making complex ideas accessible and ensuring they withstand the rigors of political scrutiny. Moreover, we are unwavering in our commitment to fairness. Fairness has been a bedrock principle of regulation for nearly a century, and it remains an essential component of our work. Sustainability, in our view, should not only encompass clean solutions but also ensure that everyone is treated equitably.

Now, let’s delve into what “Energizing Change” means for RAP. It’s a succinct encapsulation of our mission. RAP’s primary goal is to identify gaps between what could be and what currently is, paving the way for change. We strive to present new ideas and inspire those responsible for implementing policy to think innovatively. It’s about overcoming political challenges and reconciling differences among stakeholders. In essence, it’s all about adding the energy needed to create meaningful change. 

Our commitment to energizing change extends to our improved website. First of all, remains a go-to place to find all our publications. Our Knowledge Center will continue to present our latest work, and be your library for our previous groundbreaking efforts that stretch back more than 30 years. We have a lot of new features too. 

We’ve carefully crafted policy toolboxes designed to cater to the needs of a wide array of users. These toolboxes contain not just our documents but also models and guides aimed at aiding responsible agencies in overcoming implementation hurdles. Recent projects, such as the Building Modernization Legislative Toolkit, the Power System Blueprint and the Heat Pump Toolkit illustrate what I mean. 

We’ve also taken a more personalized approach on our website, allowing you to get to know our RAP experts— the dedicated individuals who are working diligently behind the scenes. These are the people who engage with government offices and stakeholder processes. You can explore their interests, their areas of expertise, and their past work, giving a face to the skills we bring to the table.

You’ll also find that our team is truly global and RAP’s reach extends far and wide. Our team members live in various regions, and they carry ideas from one part of the world to another, enriching the global dialogue on the energy transition. This exchange of ideas — from China to Europe, or from the United States to India — is a testament to the benefit of having individuals with a global perspective. As you’ll find on our website, we’ve incorporated materials in Chinese for our work in China, content relevant to current events in Europe, policy and regulatory tools for low-carbon energy goals in India, and a diverse array of resources that cover the many different regions of the United States. We’re expanding to cover even more parts of the world, from South Africa to Brazil. 

RAP’s new look and improved website is a dynamic representation of our commitment to energizing change and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future. We invite you to explore it, discover the resources and insights it offers, and get to know the passionate individuals who are working tirelessly behind the scenes. Together, we can “Energize Change” and transform the world’s energy landscape for the better. 

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